Distracted Driving Epidemic by Marv Berkowitz

Distracted Driving Epidemic

Book Title: Distracted Driving Epidemic

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1537091549

Author: Marv Berkowitz

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Marv Berkowitz with Distracted Driving Epidemic

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Distracted driving characterized by texting, talking, reading & sending emails, taking selfies has reached epidemic level on our roads & highways. CDC reports that US had highest crash rate compared with 19 other industrialized countries. Aggressive driving also on increase. For many drivers, tail gating speed limits, stop and yield signs have become suggestions. Driver habits and attitudes have to change to reduce the carnage we are experiencing. Also increasing are pedestrian, bike & motorcycle crashes. WHO estimates over 1,000,000 deaths per year, globally. Fathers Against Distracted Driving (FADD), is dedicated to changing habits/attitudes thereby"Reducing the deaths, injuries and economic losses due to Distracted Driving-website:fadd.info